Harman Kardon Neo



NT$ 3,990.00 3990.0 每個
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輕巧優雅的套裝組中精緻的 Harman Kardon 音效。

Harman Kardon Neo 僅手掌大小、輕巧可攜,能傳送無懈可擊的音效。這款超輕巧、雅緻、IPX7 防水的可攜式喇叭,能持續播放長達 10 小時,它的喇叭擴音器能夠消除回音,確保來電通話聲音清晰清透。Harman Kardon Neo 有三種顏色可供選擇,運用其堅固的束帶可以輕鬆攜帶。無論是在您的桌上,或是在後院,Harman Kardon Neo 都能完美配合。



Bluetooth® 藍牙版本:4.2 Yes
支援: A2DP V1.2, AVRCP V1.5, HFP V1.6, HSP V1.2 Yes
轉換器:1 x 40 公釐 Yes
額定功率:3W RMS Yes
頻率響應:130Hz – 20kHz Yes
訊噪比:>80dB Yes
Bluetooth® 藍牙發射器功率:0 – 9dBm Yes
Bluetooth® 藍牙發射器頻率範圍:2.402 – 2.480GHz Yes
Bluetooth® 藍牙發射器調變:GFSK、π/4 DQPSK、8DPSK Yes
尺寸(寬x 深 x 高):110 x 110 x 34.1mm Yes


電池類型:鋰離子聚合物 (3.7V/1000mAh) Yes
電池充電時間: 3 小時 (5V, 0.5A) Yes
音樂播放時間:長達 10 小時(視音量和音訊內容而異) Yes
  • 1 x Harman Kardon Neo
  • 1 條用於充電的 C 型纜線
  • 1 本安全說明書
  • 1 本快速入門指南
  • 1 本保固卡
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{"searchRecords":[{"attributes":{"type":"Knowledge__kav","url":"/services/data/v45.0/sobjects/Knowledge__kav/ka21Y000000bpSVQAY"},"Title":"HK Neo: Battery Information","Id":"ka21Y000000bpSVQAY","ArticleNumber":"000013687","Question__c":"Battery Information","Answer__c":"This product features up to 10 hours of playtime depending on the content and volume level you are listening to. 
Battery Charging Time is 3 hours at 5V, 0.5A","ArticleType":"How_Tos__kav"},{"attributes":{"type":"Knowledge__kav","url":"/services/data/v45.0/sobjects/Knowledge__kav/ka21Y000000bpTFQAY"},"Title":"Button Failure: All Portable Models","Id":"ka21Y000000bpTFQAY","ArticleNumber":"000013565","Question__c":"Buttons unresponsive when plugged into a power source","Answer__c":"If the buttons on your portable speaker are not working properly or are unresponsive while plugged into a power source, please try running the speaker on battery. If the buttons perform correctly while running on battery, this means your power supply is not providing enough current/amps. Be sure to use a power supply that has a rating equal to or greater than the amperage rating indicated in your product specs.","ArticleType":"How_Tos__kav"},{"attributes":{"type":"Knowledge__kav","url":"/services/data/v45.0/sobjects/Knowledge__kav/ka21Y000000bpSeQAI"},"Title":"HK Neo: Factory Reset","Id":"ka21Y000000bpSeQAI","ArticleNumber":"000013689","Question__c":"Factory Reset Instructions","Answer__c":"To reset the device to its factory settings: 
Power on the speaker. While on, press and hold the power button down for 15-20 seconds until the speaker turns off.

Now that the speaker has been reset, make sure to remove it from your BT settings if it was once paired to other devices as the BT memory has been reset as well. Once you turn the speaker on again, it should automatically enter into pairing mode with a flashing LED. It should pop up on your discoverable devices under your BT settings and connect within a few seconds. ","ArticleType":"How_Tos__kav"},{"attributes":{"type":"Knowledge__kav","url":"/services/data/v45.0/sobjects/Knowledge__kav/ka21Y000000bpSZQAY"},"Title":"HK Neo: Speakerphone Information","Id":"ka21Y000000bpSZQAY","ArticleNumber":"000013688","Question__c":"Speakerphone Information","Answer__c":"This product features an echo-cancelling speaker phone for calls and meetings. ","ArticleType":"How_Tos__kav"},{"attributes":{"type":"Knowledge__kav","url":"/services/data/v45.0/sobjects/Knowledge__kav/ka25d0000003Gs1AAE"},"Title":"Waterproof Information (IPX7)","Id":"ka25d0000003Gs1AAE","ArticleNumber":"000012077","Question__c":"Waterproof Information (IPX7)","Answer__c":"

This unit is IPX7 rated, which means that you can submerge the unit in water as deep as 3 feet (1 meter) for up to 30 minutes.