Enchant 1300


All-in One Soundbar搭載13個單體與獨家MultiBeam™ 環繞聲技術

NT$ 30,990.00 30990.0 每個
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Enchant 系列獨家搭載的"MultiBeam"技術,能夠營造出13聲道的環繞效果。另外也可以挑選專屬搭配的重低音設備Enchant SUB Woofer 享受無與倫比 的低音音效。透過內建的Chromecast,可上網享受超過200個不同的串流服務。同時支援HDMI與其它最新的4K裝置。



Maximum Audio Power 240W
RMS Power 120W
Standby Power Consumption <2W
HDMI Video Inputs 3
HDMI Video Output(with Audio Return Channel) 1
HDMI HDCP Version 2.2
Bluetooth version 4.2
Bluetooth Profile A2DP v1.3/AVRCP v1.5
Bluetooth Frequency Range 2402MHz-2480MHz
Bluetooth Transmitter modulation GFSK, π/4 DQPSK, 8DPSK
2.4G Wireless Frequency Range 2403.35MHz-2477.35MHz
Note The soundbar is intended to be used for streaming music. A consumer can stream Bluetooth audio to the soundbar. A consumer can connect their soundbar to the local Wi-Fi Network and stream music with Google Chromecast. In addition, the soundbar will work with Google Home. It is designed to be instantly on and ready to play music at a moment’s notice, therefore, the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection must remain active at all times to ensure proper operation. The soundbar is in compliance with the European Union energy legislation. The soundbar shall enter sleep mode (networked standby) through following

Audio Specifications

Frequency Response 70Hz-20kHz
Audio Channels 13
Operating temperature 0°C - 45°C
Max SPL 98dB SPL


Dimensions(W x H x D) 44" x 2.6" x 4.9" (1120 x 65 x 125mm)
Woofer Size 10 x 2" (50mm)
Tweeter Size 1 x 0.75" (20mm) 2 x 1" (25mm)
  • Soundbar 主機一台
  • HDMI 傳輸線一條
  • 光纖傳輸線一條
  • 音源線一條
  • 電源線一條
  • 壁架一組
  • 壁架安裝說明書
  • 遙控器一組
  • 快速安裝指南
  • 保固卡一張
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{"searchRecords":[{"attributes":{"type":"Knowledge__kav","url":"/services/data/v45.0/sobjects/Knowledge__kav/ka21Y000000SYaSQAW"},"Title":"HK Enchant: HDMI Support","Id":"ka21Y000000SYaSQAW","ArticleNumber":"000011901","Question__c":"HDMI features that are supported","Answer__c":"

HDMI Output

\nBoth Enchant 800 and Enchant 1300 support these:\n\n
  • HDMI 2.0b compliance
  • HDCP 2.2 compliance (Means it supports 4K Blue-Ray Movies or streaming clients with 4K encryption)
  • CEC features (Scroll to see support)

HDMI Input

\nEnchant features only 1 x HDMI input, and Enchant has 3 x HDMI inputs and support this:\n\n
  • HDMI 2.0b.
  • HDCP 2.2 for all HDMI input connections (Means it supports 4K Blue-Ray Movies or streaming clients with 4K encryption)
  • 4K Pass-through.

CEC Support

\nCEC support only available through your HDMI connection and we are always using standard protocol for our products.
We support these:
  • System Standby: When you press the "Power off" button on your TV remote, the Enchant soundbar will go into Standby mode as well.
  • ARC or called Audio Return Channel: If you would have a TV BOX connected directly to your TV and using ARC from TV to Enchant soundbar, then all sound will be transferred through ARC connection.\n\t
    • In case you are not using the HDMI ARC connection then sound coming from the TV show will not be transferred to the Enchant soundbar.
  • System Audio Control: Using your TV remote to turn up or lower the volume will be synchronized with the Enchant soundbar.
Bigger model is the Enchant 1300 and smaller model is the Enchant 800.","ArticleType":"How_Tos__kav"},{"attributes":{"type":"Knowledge__kav","url":"/services/data/v45.0/sobjects/Knowledge__kav/ka21Y000000SYaLQAW"},"Title":"HK Enchant: Bluetooth Pairing","Id":"ka21Y000000SYaLQAW","ArticleNumber":"000011912","Question__c":"How to connect a Bluetooth device","Answer__c":"

Connecting a Bluetooth device for your Enchant Soundbar

  1. Make sure your Enchant soundbar is turned on by pressing the power button\"power
  2. There are two ways to enter Bluetooth pairing mode on your Enchant soundbar.\n\t
    1. Press the dedicated source button on top of your Enchant soundbar \"source\"
    2. Press the source button until you see "Bluetooth" in the front of the Enchant display. Below is the order when using the source button (note that on Enchant 800 there is only 1 HDMI)
\n                   \"selector\n
  1. The second option is to use the Remote control included with your Enchant soundbar.\n\n\t
    1. Press the "BT" button on your Remote control.
    2. The display will show "Bluetooth pairing"
\n                       \"Remote\n
  1. Now that your Enchant soundbar is in pairing mode it is now time to grab your mobile device.
  2. Go to Bluetooth settings.
  1. Press the enable Bluetooth button.
  1. Select the Enchant soundbar and connect with Bluetooth.

You can now stream any music from your favorite device directly to the Enchant soundbar, ENJOY!
 ","ArticleType":"How_Tos__kav"},{"attributes":{"type":"Knowledge__kav","url":"/services/data/v45.0/sobjects/Knowledge__kav/ka21Y000000SYaFQAW"},"Title":"HK Enchant: TV Connection","Id":"ka21Y000000SYaFQAW","ArticleNumber":"000011910","Question__c":"How to connect to a TV and using other devices","Answer__c":"

TV Connection HDMI (ARC)

\n  \"Back\"
  1. Connect your HDMI cable (included in the box) to your TV.
  2. Locate your TVs HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) port.
  3. Find the HDMI OUT on the back of your Enchant 800 or 1300 Soundbar.
  4. Now enjoy watching TV and listen to great audio through your Enchant soundbar.

Optical connection

  1. Connect your Optical cable (included in the box) to your TV.
  2. Find the Optical OUT connection on your TV.
  3. Locate the Optical IN on the back of your Enchant soundbar.
  4. Enjoy sound through the optical connection.

Using the HDMI Inputs

  1. Find an HDMI Cable for your other devices.
  2. Use the HDMI inputs on the Enchant Soundbar.\n\t
    1. NOTE: Enchant 800 only have one HDMI input port and Enchant 1300 has three HDMI input ports.
  3. Switch source using your Remote control or pressing the source selector button\"spruce\".
  4. The display on your Enchant device will show which HDMI input you are on.
  5. Enjoy watching or playing through your Enchant Soundbar.
 ","ArticleType":"How_Tos__kav"},{"attributes":{"type":"Knowledge__kav","url":"/services/data/v45.0/sobjects/Knowledge__kav/ka21Y000000SYajQAG"},"Title":"HK Enchant: Subwoofer pairing","Id":"ka21Y000000SYajQAG","ArticleNumber":"000011905","Question__c":"How to pair with a subwoofer","Answer__c":"

How to pair an Enchant Subwoofer with your Enchant bar

  1. Go to the back of your Enchant soundbar (800 or 1300)
  2. Press the "Subwoofer pairing" button for 2 seconds.
  1. In front of your Enchant display, it will say "Subwoofer pairing"
  2. Go to the back of your Enchant subwoofer.
  3. Press the "Subwoofer pairing" button.
  1. The small LED indicator will start to flash rapidly and when the connection is successful, it will be a steady light.
You now have more bass performance and can enjoy deeper richer sound!","ArticleType":"How_Tos__kav"},{"attributes":{"type":"Knowledge__kav","url":"/services/data/v45.0/sobjects/Knowledge__kav/ka21Y000000SWDJQA4"},"Title":"HK Enchant: Bluetooth connection","Id":"ka21Y000000SWDJQA4","ArticleNumber":"000009650","Question__c":"How to pair your Bluetooth device","Answer__c":"1. Power on your Enchant 800 or Enchant 1300 Soundbar.\r\n\r\n2. There are two ways to enter Bluetooth pairing mode on your Enchant soundbar.\r\n\r\n2.1. Press the dedicated source button on top of your Enchant soundbar source\r\n\r\n2.2. Press the source button until you see \"Bluetooth\" in the front of the Enchant display.\r\n\r\n3. The second option is to use the Remote control included with your Enchant soundbar.\r\n\r\n4. Press the \"BT\" button on your Remote control.\r\n\r\n5. The display will show \"Bluetooth pairing\".\r\n\r\n6. Go to your Bluetooth settings menu on your mobile device.\r\n\r\n7. Enable Bluetooth and connect to your Enchant 800 or Enchant 1300 Soundbar.","ArticleType":"FAQ__kav"},{"attributes":{"type":"Knowledge__kav","url":"/services/data/v45.0/sobjects/Knowledge__kav/ka21Y000000SYapQAG"},"Title":"HK Enchant: How to reset","Id":"ka21Y000000SYapQAG","ArticleNumber":"000011927","Question__c":"How to restore back to factory settings","Answer__c":"

Resetting the device

  1. In any source mode, press and hold the power button \"power\" and Source button \"source\" for 5 seconds.
  2. When the factory settings restore is complete, the soundbar automatically turns off and restarts.
  3. You can now set it up via Google Home app \"Google again or connect any new Bluetooth devices.
","ArticleType":"How_Tos__kav"},{"attributes":{"type":"Knowledge__kav","url":"/services/data/v45.0/sobjects/Knowledge__kav/ka21Y000000SWPCQA4"},"Title":"HK Enchant: Factory reset","Id":"ka21Y000000SWPCQA4","ArticleNumber":"000009909","Question__c":"How to restore your device back to Factory default settings","Answer__c":"1. Power on the Enchant 800 or Enchant 1300 Soundbar.\r\n\r\n2. In any source mode, press the power and source button for 5 seconds.\r\n\r\n3. The Enchant 800 or Enchant 1300 will power off automatically and turn on again.\r\n\r\n4. Your device is now reset back to default Factory settings.\r\n\r\n5. You can now redo the setup through the Google Home app or pair with a new smartphone or tablet.","ArticleType":"FAQ__kav"},{"attributes":{"type":"Knowledge__kav","url":"/services/data/v45.0/sobjects/Knowledge__kav/ka21Y000000SYaJQAW"},"Title":"HK Enchant: Setup instructions","Id":"ka21Y000000SYaJQAW","ArticleNumber":"000011897","Question__c":"How to set it up to your Wireless network","Answer__c":"

What you need first

  • A Harman/Kardon Enchant Soundbar (1300 or 800 model).
  • Latest version of the Google Home app\"Google
  • A mobile device or tablet with Android or iOS system.
  • An internet connection.
  • Dual-band router with 2.4GHz and 5GHz connection

Adding your Enchant soundbar to your Wi-Fi

  1. Open the Google Home app\"Google
\n       \"Google\n\n
  1. Click on "ADD" to connect your Enchant 800 or Enchant 1300 Soundbar to your Wi-Fi network.
  2. Follow the instructions on screen and enjoy beautiful sound using Chromecast technology.

\"Setup","ArticleType":"How_Tos__kav"},{"attributes":{"type":"Knowledge__kav","url":"/services/data/v45.0/sobjects/Knowledge__kav/ka21Y000000SWFrQAO"},"Title":"HK Enchant: Setup FAQ","Id":"ka21Y000000SWFrQAO","ArticleNumber":"000009653","Question__c":"How to set up your device to your Wi-Fi network","Answer__c":"Download the Google Home app, available for iOS and Android versions.\r\n\r\n1. Open the Google Home app.\r\n\r\n2. Plug in power for your Enchant 800 or Enchant 1300 Soundbar.\r\n\r\n3. Enable Bluetooth.\r\n\r\n3.1. Enable Location service on your phone and permit Google Home app to view your location (Android only).\r\n\r\n4. Click setup device in your Google Home app.\r\n\r\n5. Follow the instructions provided in the app, and enjoy Chromecast streaming for your Enchant soundbar!","ArticleType":"FAQ__kav"},{"attributes":{"type":"Knowledge__kav","url":"/services/data/v45.0/sobjects/Knowledge__kav/ka21Y000000SYabQAG"},"Title":"HK Enchant: MultiBeam Calibration","Id":"ka21Y000000SYabQAG","ArticleNumber":"000011902","Question__c":"How to use the MultiBeam Calibration feature","Answer__c":"

Before you start

  • Remove any interference that might be blocking the Soundbar side-firing speakers.
  • Any ambient noise or sounds that could disrupt the calibration needs to be out of the room.
  • In case you are moving the Enchant Soundbar you will need to calibrate the sound again.
  • If something went wrong, you can always delete the calibration settings by resetting the system.\n\t
    • Press and hold \"Power button and  \"Soruce\" button down for 5 seconds.
    • This will delete all settings, including the Wi-Fi connection.

How to use the MultiBeam feature

  1. Press and hold the CALIBRATION \"icon\"button for 3 seconds.\n\n\t
    1. On the Enchant display a timer will start counting down from 3 to 0 (Once hitting 0 the Calibration will begin).
  1. The calibration takes around 60 seconds before it is complete. While calibrating you will hear some noises coming from the speaker.
  2. When finished the display on the Enchant Soundbar will say "DONE"
 ","ArticleType":"How_Tos__kav"},{"attributes":{"type":"Knowledge__kav","url":"/services/data/v45.0/sobjects/Knowledge__kav/ka25d0000003HR6AAM"},"Title":"JBL & HK WiFi Speakers: Speaker connected through Device Utility app, but not found in Google Home app","Id":"ka25d0000003HR6AAM","ArticleNumber":"000014169","Question__c":"I have connected my speaker using the Device Utility app, but the Google Home app cannot find the speaker. What should I do?","Answer__c":"Close and restart the Google Home app, or restart your phone. Start the Google Home app again, and the speaker should now appear.
 ","ArticleType":"How_Tos__kav"},{"attributes":{"type":"Knowledge__kav","url":"/services/data/v45.0/sobjects/Knowledge__kav/ka25d0000003HQwAAM"},"Title":"JBL & HK WiFi speakers: Device needs to be activated before setup","Id":"ka25d0000003HQwAAM","ArticleNumber":"000014167","Question__c":"When trying to set up my speaker with the Google Home app, I get a message that says “Device needs to be activated before setup”. How do I proceed?","Answer__c":"If you see this message, you must download the Device Utility app from the Google Play Store. Follow the instructions in the app to activate your speaker, and then return to the Google Home app to complete the setup.
 ","ArticleType":"How_Tos__kav"},{"attributes":{"type":"Knowledge__kav","url":"/services/data/v45.0/sobjects/Knowledge__kav/ka25d0000003HR1AAM"},"Title":"JBL & HK WiFi Speakers: WiFi network does not appear in list","Id":"ka25d0000003HR1AAM","ArticleNumber":"000014168","Question__c":"When using the Device Utility app to set up my speaker, my Wi-Fi network is not appearing in the list. How can I connect to my Wi-Fi network?","Answer__c":"If the network does not appear, you can manually type in the network name (SSID) and password to connect.
 ","ArticleType":"How_Tos__kav"},{"attributes":{"type":"Knowledge__kav","url":"/services/data/v45.0/sobjects/Knowledge__kav/ka21Y000000SYakQAG"},"Title":"HK Enchant: Differences between Enchant 1300 and 800","Id":"ka21Y000000SYakQAG","ArticleNumber":"000011928","Question__c":"Which Enchant Soundbar is best for you","Answer__c":"

Enchant series information

\nThe Enchant series is not only a beautifully designed speaker, but it also delivers the sound to a completely new level.
Always wanted to have Surround Sound, but never wanted extra speakers, with the MultiBeam feature you can get Surround Sound experience right at your fingertips.

Enchant 1300 for Bigger rooms

  1. Perfect for bigger rooms that requires a bit more sound and punch when watching or listening to music!
  2. Powerful sound with 13 Channels in one speaker with a maximum of 240W
  1. Features MultiBeam technology for Surround Sound experience.
  2. 4K HDR10 compatible on both HDMI Inputs and output (ARC).
  3. HDCP 2.2 Compatible
  4. Google Cast built-in, stream your favorite music through your Wi-Fi connection.
  5. Bluetooth 4.2 technology for easy streaming with any of your mobile devices.
  6. And much more!

Enchant 800 for Smaller rooms

  1. Perfect for smaller rooms to extend the sound performance in any situation.
  2. Powerful sound with 8 Channels in one speaker with a maximum of 180W
  1. Smaller in size compared to Enchant 1300, but just as an amazing sound.
  2. Features MultiBeam technology for Surround Sound experience.
  3. 4K HDR10 compatible on both HDMI Input and output (ARC).
  4. HDCP 2.2 Compatible
  5. Google Cast built-in, stream your favorite music through your Wi-Fi connection.
  6. Bluetooth 4.2 technology for easy streaming with any of your mobile devices.
  7. And much more!
","ArticleType":"How_Tos__kav"},{"attributes":{"type":"Knowledge__kav","url":"/services/data/v45.0/sobjects/Knowledge__kav/ka21Y000000SYaNQAW"},"Title":"HK Enchant: USB Files supported","Id":"ka21Y000000SYaNQAW","ArticleNumber":"000011891","Question__c":"Which Music files are supported when using a USB Stick","Answer__c":"




  • Only file names that contain numbers or English characters can be displayed, otherwise “UNKNOWN” will be displayed.
  • “UNSUPPORTED” is displayed when the file format is not supported.
  • Do not extract the USB device while in operation.
  • For a large capacity USB, it may take longer than a few minutes to be searched. USB with more than 2000 files cannot be supported.
  • Devices which require additional program installation connected to a computer are not supported.
  • The USB port of the soundbar cannot be connected to a computer and it cannot be used as a storage device.
  • The exFAT and NTFS file system is not supported. FAT16/FAT32 systems are available.
  • Depending on some devices, it may not be available to recognize the followings on the soundbar: External HDD; Card readers; Locked devices; Hard type USB devices; USB hub; Using USB extension cable; iPhone/iPod/iPad; Android device.